January vitamin D test results from our Secret Shopper showing impact of taking Vitamin D supplements.

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Direct to the public vitamin D

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in West Bromwich

A finger-prick blood spot sample - not the more difficult to collect micro-samples seen with other services. You can take too much vitamin D. We regularly advise customers of potentially toxic levels due to supplement overuse. See NHS advise on toxicity and maximum oral doses here…. Secret Shoppers: Recent secret shoppers show the laboratory turn-round of the vitamin D test to be excellent. See the results people get with our test here - here.

Our service to the public

The UK’s original vitamin D public testing laboratory, providing a service since 2011. We are one of the largest NHS vitamin D testing labs. Our Vitamin D test pack includes everything required to take a sample and send back to us Our vitamin D testing service is used by the public and researchers studying Vitamin D around the world.

How it works….

Results are compared to NHS Vitamn D reference intervals used to interpret if you have enough vitamin D. Results come with a clear interpretation. You can show our results to your pharmacist or nutritionist who can advise on any vitamin D supplements that may be required.
BCPS-V. 2020/18/2 Last Updated: 24th February 2023 Review Date: 24h February 2026
Contacting us Email: vitd@cityassays.org.uk Tel: +44 (0) 121 507 4278 Our Address: Clinical Biochemistry Department, Black Country Pathology Services, City Hospital Birmingham, B18 7QH, UK This vitamin D testing service to the public is provided from the SWBH NHS Trust laboratories, part of BCPS. Our work is overseen by the governance policies, procedures and quality system applying to BCPS. Please contact us if you would like further details in this area. Note: Birmingham Picture Library receives orders and forwards them to the laboratory. Queries are handled by the laboratory once orders are received.

How to take a sample…..